Small Willow Curved Vase or Votive Holder

Napa Valley Home & Garden


This Small Willow Curved Vase is the absolute perfect choice for Napa inspired living.  The beautiful texture and color of the willow perfectly mimic that of grapevine.  Whether your style is French Country, Farmhouse or Wine Country Living, I think that this will be your favorite "go to" container.

The curve of the enclosed glass vessel will make you look like an experienced floral designer!  It's so easy to create a petite floral display or a great way to store cut herbs.   Me?  I love scattering them about the table with votive candles and combing them with their larger versions filled with flowers.

Plan your next al fresco dinner party, pick some flowers or herbs, throw in a few candles and and you have easily set the mood for a vineyard or provençale inspired gathering.

4.5" x 5"

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