Fabulous Cork DYI Projects

So Many Corks, So Many Ideas! 


If you are like me, you have been saving all your corks to make a really cool project.  I save them then ask myself, "What can I make out of all these corks that will not be tacky or look like it was created while I drank all that wine?"!

I decided I needed to get inspired.  After a bit of research, I found some really great ways to re-purpose all those corks.  Who knew you could make more than wreaths and reindeer Christmas ornaments?

I love this bath mat!  This clever water catcher was created by Danny Seo of Daily Danny. Check out Danny's blog for inspiring how-to projects, ideas and tips for living green and up-cycling.

A Bistro and Bubbly?  Naturellement!  I know, there is no corks used in this project, but I just could not resist!  From this day on, I am going to make a petit bistro chair every time I pop a bottle of sparkling.  You could even document each occasion on the bottom of the seat.  Finishing the laundry is an occasion isn't it?  I discovered these little treasures on Messy Nessy chic

Perhaps we should start with something simple.  These succulent magnets are so cool!  Wouldn't these make great little gifts?  I think I am off to experiment with this idea and take it a little farther.  I'll share my idea with you next time we visit!  Until then, raise your right hand and repeat after me,



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  • Oooh, LA! LA!!!! I’m definitely raising my glass WITH my right hand!!!:) J’adore your tres jolie flowers, AND craft ideas!!!! Sante!!!AND… more wine please!!!!


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