La Maison des Fleurs et des Curiosités Naturelles


I've been playing a bit around the house.  I love creating vignettes with flowers, plants, natural curiosities and antique French boxes.
I am really lucky that my husband humors my passion for flowers by accepting the fact that he lives in a very feminine home.  I let him design and decorate his office/music room (aka man cave) in his own style.  It is modern and dark, quite a juxtaposition from the rest of the house!  The dog loves that room!  That is not a commentary on my part! ;)
My love for French boxes began with this wonderful photo box given to me by my daughter's boyfriend, (fiancé, now!)  It sits on my entry chest, stores little French crystals and most importantly showcases my grandmother's locket watch.
Here are a couple more of my little treasure that I purchased from a French brocante.  The little round one is handpainted and translates "I sing to please".  I love all the detail on this tiny little surface.  What's better than a pretty little box?  Why, one with a petit surprise inside of course! I love old things because of their history, because they have a story to tell (even if it is one I have romanticised in my own mind!).  Opening up this matchstick size box to reveal artists charcoals was the icing on the cake!  Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too!

Just give me feathers, moss, seashells, flowers and lots of glass apothecary jars and cloaches  and I am one happy girl!
Oh, and did I mention eggs, nests and birds?  Don't get me started!
So, are you inspired to add a little of the outdoors to your home?
Are you getting the Spring cleaning itch?
I've listed a few items at the bottom of this post  from the shop that can help add a little touch of nature to your Springtime decorating and entertaining.
Happy decorating!

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