DIY Farm House Fall Centerpiece

I love to hunt and gather for my Thanksgiving centerpiece.  We have always had the tradition of finding what nature has to offer us for our table decor.  Sticks, berries, colorful leaves and moss. 
It's amazing what you can find in your own backyard (or even the neighbors!).
This year I decided to use my Rustic Chicken Wire Trellis Planter as my jumping off point.
First I gathered birch branches and berries from my Heavenly Bamboo bush.  I love how the berries are such a warm red orange color.
I had some mini pumpkins in a basket and decided to add them to the collection, as well as a pip berry heart wreath and moss of course.  The heart shape of the wreath will not matter in the arrangement, you'll see!
First I filled the planter with some crumbled packing paper to give me a nice, flexible base to work with.  To create height for one of the pumpkins, I nestled a drinking glass for a riser, then covered all the paper with moss.  Setting the pip berry wreath around the glass made the perfect perch for my first pumpkin.
I chose a multi-colored pumpkin to be the focal point and then surrounded him with mini orange ones.  Get them tucked in well then add more moss to fill in any gaps and to hide the glass completely.  I love moss.  It adds so much texture and makes everything look like it is growing right there!
The planter was just the beginning!  Bigger is better, right?  Sitting the pumpkin display down into a woven basket, I surrounded it with the branches and berries I had gathered.  As you can see, there is lots of textures and nature here!
Now it's time to play with pumpkins!  I propped a couple up with a wad of paper towel.  (Use what you have, right?)  Then I added a third pumpkin on the other side of the planter to order to direct the eye to the arrangement as a whole.  Remember, odd numbers are most pleasing in most arrangements and displays.
Lastly, fill in with moss, especially to hide the paper towel!
I am very detailed oriented, okay, obsessed!  I added a little cluster of berries on the outside of the planter to add interest and movement.  One detail that I did not create, was the pumpkin stem poking out through the chicken wire.  I love that!
Here's a little tip:  once you have put the cloche on, you can manipulate you arrangement inside with a chop stick if necessary.  If you do not have chop sticks in your decorating arsenal, I highly recommend them!
Hmm.  Do you think the turkey will be jealous that he is not the show stopper this year?
Until the feast, this bounty will decorated the trunk in my family room.  I added another pumpkin nestled in moss and a Park Hill Candle on the outside of the basket on the trunk.  For the dining table, I may add more branches and berries running down the length of table and plenty more candles!
The best part of creating this arrangement in a basket is that it is not only beautiful, but portable too!
Cheers and happy gathering!
You can find the Rustic Chicken Wire Trellis Planter here:
and Park Hill Candles here:

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